Draft version of the Outline 

  1. General origins of the BRI
  2. Historicity of the project
  3. How does China label itself (Xi Jinping speeches, Ministry issued papers, Green BRI, updated sustainable policies)
  4. Political implications ? (Debt trap diplomacy)
  5. How the BRI is being labeled (Projects, type of projects) this would be used as a transition towards the 2nd part of the work
  6. Does China need to secure its energy supply ?
  7. Narrowing down onto energy
  8. Indicators of implementation to-date
  9. Map out what is invested and where
  10. Pipelines, electricity grids, generation capacity, solar, coal
  11. We already have figures as to the countries that are including and their share in natural gas, oil, coal, Hypothesis : There will be investment in the coal countries
  12. Deriving possible conclusions from the above
  13. Securely deliver energy to China and / or for local consumption
  14. Green aspect taken into account (ex: has it been used in Xi Jinping’s speeches, has it evolved since launching Kazakhstan speech)
  15. Figures of coal plants sold
  16. Possibly figures of imported coal (or any other energy for that matter)
  17. Do we have a case of imported pollution (perhaps allowing China to score better on its SDGs)