Secretary summary #5

This following summary recaps the main points covered during our meeting, in particular the word count, requirements, and upcoming deadlines.

Everyone was present to the meeting that took place in class on Wednesday 27th March. During the session we did: 

  • Created a folder on Google Drive with useful links, drafts, tables, index with word count, etc. to be of reference for our team. All of the team members have been added to the folder; 
  • Specified the word count – please have a look at it to have it as a reference when writing our parts; 
  • Split the research further: “A closer look to energy”
    • Jessica: how relevant is Energy in BRI and indicators on projects 
    • Cecilia & Giordana: Energy investments and implementation to date (Cecilia – preamble, functions, how much; Giordana – where, type of energies, how much)

Note that everyone is required to write a couple of sentences to introduce and conclude her/ his own section to put in the general intro and conclusion of the working draft. 

Note that we need to write an executive summary at the beginning of the paper and at the beginning of each of the three sessions for ease of reading in the final paper.

Requirements (repetita iuvant!): 

  • Each student has to write 2500 words (more or less 5 pages assuming the standard 500 words/page)


  • Sunday 31st March: all of us are done with their assigned part and we split the remaining of the draf;
  • Wednesday 3rd April: (by the latest) upload the working draft of the paper;
  • Wednesday 10th April: presentations in class;
  • Sunday 14th April at 7 pm: upload the final paper;
  • Wednesday 24th April: presentations to the client 
    • However, because the students with policy analysis have the exam of statistics on the same day – we might ask for another day to present to Robert.