Summary of team meeting #4

The following is the summary of the team meeting held on March 6th at Hertie. Everyone was present and actively contributed to the discussion.

The objectives of the meeting: settle the research structure and assign the tasks for next week.

The first issue on the agenda was to finalize the outline of the project.
After careful analyses in the past weeks, we found that the energy dimension of the BRI is indeed relevant and worth investigating.
Furthermore, we decided to maintain our analysis of BRI and discard the association with the Asian Super Grid initiative. While the comparative discussion is unquestionably interesting, we consider it to be too vast and that we might incur in the risk of being superficial in our analysis. Therefore, we decided to follow the outline proposed to and approved by Robert.

The second issue on the agenda was the breakdown of the tasks for next week.
We decided to start delving into the second and third sections of the outline, namely “A closer look to energy” and “Ongoing Discussions”. In particular, the following division applies for the initial draft of:

  • “A closer look to energy” by Jessica, Giordana, and Cecilia
  • “Ongoing Discussions” by Agustin, Irina and Sebastian

During the session, Prof. O’Donnell proposed to look into the Berlin-Baghdad railway for possible comparisons or leads, and to contact two U.S. think tanks for valuable insights on the subject at hand. In this regard, thanks to the effort of Jessica, Sebastian Schiek from SWP reached back to us to discuss BRI. We plan on meeting/calling him (date TBD).

Next steps:
By next week we aim at reaching the following objectives:

  • Write the first draft of the second and third sections of the paper
  • Meet Prof. O’Donnell on Wednesday 13th March at 4 pm (Save the date!)