BRI and energy: BRI as a conduit for clean power projects

An interesting link on the actual “greeness” of BRI and whether or not it is an excuse to export coal-pollution in other countries, by EnergyPost.Eu. Their conclusion is that it might as well be a “magnet for renewable energy investments”. Highly recommended to have some figures and facts on Chinese green energy investments.

** It is notable that the proportion of power generation investments domestically in WWS sources exceed 50% in each of the seven years from 2011 to 2017 (ie green sources outweigh black sources in each of these seven years). It is also the case that green investments domestically have outranked thermal power investments in power generation over both the last five years and over the past decade.

There is no doubt about the reality of China’s green shift in electric power generation in the domestic arena. What we are demonstrating in this note, using data from the BU CGEF, is that there is a comparable green shift in China’s energy investments globally, if not to the same degree as is found in China itself. **