Summary and next week plan!

Summary of Session 2 – 20.02.2019

The main activities of the session were:

  • Share with the class our teamwork and how we have been organizing the research.
  • We then discussed some interesting questions with Prof. Thomas, mainly two:
    1. Should we focus on one region? How to delimitate a region? According to what we discussed today and taking into account the client’s proposal, we decided to focus on the Caspian region, and maybe pick up a par of countries where we find interesting projects.
    2. Which projects of the broad BRI to study? Due to the scope of the Project Course and to the interest of the client we will focus our study on energy projects. At the same time, we will consider environment, sustainability, and climate issues and impacts.
  • In the next two weeks, each member should write a short document (1-2 pages) with the main findings of the previous research on her/his specific topic (the ones that we divided last week). The idea is to finish with the first “general” approach to the BRI topic, and also these summaries can be an introductory part of the final report. This will be very helpful.
  • During the class, someone mentioned a database related to China, but I can’t remember the name. I have a note with the “Mercator Institute for China Studies”, but I know someone mentioned another one. Do you remember?
  • Next Team Meeting: Wednesday 27, 15:00. Where? Room 2.35. The idea is to prepare the meeting with Mr. Robert Brückmann. For that purpose, we should try to think about how to proceed. Irina suggested finding some projects in the Caspian region so that we can focus on something more concrete. I think it is a very good idea. Also, I suggested that it would be interesting to find the legal framework of the Chinese investments in those projects. Sometimes, there are bilateral Framework Agreements between country X and China. But any other idea(s) you may have, let’s discuss them!
  • Meeting with the client, represented by Mr. Robert Brückmann, on the 28th of February at 17:00. Thomas will try to be there as well.
  • Thomas suggested that once that we are more into the topic, we can do interviews with experts on the topic.
  • It could be an academic, a PhD student, or a think tank, etc.
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