Different views on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China generates multiple and very different positions. From a more occidental point of view, the Chinese economic expansion through this project is perceived as a threat to the US and Europe influence and power in the world. What are the real interests of China behind this initiative? A new way of globalization that opposes to the classic US dominance? A strategy to reach other geopolitical and natural resources targets?

Just as a kick start, here there is an interesting Guardian’s article presenting some risks and cons of BRI: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/ng-interactive/2018/jul/30/what-china-belt-road-initiative-silk-road-explainer

            Lastly, two main ideas of the article:

# Critics worry China could use “debt-trap diplomacy” to extract strategic concessions – such as over territorial disputes in the South China Sea or silence on human rights violations. In 2011, China wrote off an undisclosed debt owed by Tajikistan in exchange for 1,158 sq km (447 sq miles) of disputed territory.

# As Belt and Road expands in scope so do concerns it is a form of economic imperialism that gives China too much leverage over other countries, often those that are smaller and poorer.

In upcoming posts, we will also present other perspectives of this phenomenon!